Disability Income Insurance for Postal Employees WILLProtect You and Your Family From a Possible Financial Disaster!


Disability Income Insurance for Postal Employees may be a very important purchase you need to make in order to protect you and your family from the real possibility of financial disaster.   Postal workers are prone to several types of injuries which can be caused by repetitive strain injuries, dog bites, falling, slipping, motor vehicle accidents, violence and more.  Many of these injuries could result in significant time missed from your job resulting in some loss of income.


One of the more common injuries among postal workers is caused by repetitive strain injuries. Essentially, a repetitive strain injury is when the body becomes damaged due to the same type of movements that someone performs on a consistent basis. Your muscles can become weak and less active, you may experience pain, and you may not be able to perform the duties necessary for your job. Repetitive strain injuries can occur for several reasons including lifting heavy packages, constantly sitting, bending over or even something as simple as using a computer mouse! 

postal employee back strain


In addition to injuries, there’s always the chance you may suffer from an extended illness.  This may be especially likely to happen with the onset of the Covid Virus.  While most insurance companies do not cover disability income insurance for postal employees, our company, Postal Disability,  protects you from injury and illness on or off the job.


It’s also important to be aware of warning signs as these injuries can occur in numerous parts of the body, some of which include your hand, wrist, fingers, feet, lower back, shoulder, hip, knee, ankle, forearm, and elbow. What may start out as a simple annoying pain could in fact turn into a lengthy period of time off from work. 


An injury or illness will likely result in a reduced income, causing the possibility of the stress associated with having no money to pay your bills, the constant phone calls of creditors, and even financial disaster. 


Postal employees are in one of the highest occupations that result in severe injuries. If you’re a postal employee looking to protect yourself and your family against the occurrence of an extended injury or illness we can help.  Call us at 800-910-6661.  One of our friendly staff will answer any and all questions you may have.



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