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Q.  Am I covered on or off the job?

A.  Yes.  No one is denied coverage and you’re covered 24/7, 365 days a year.


Q.  When does My coverage start?

A.  When the first premium comes out of your paycheck, generally within 2 weeks.


Q.  How much money will I receive if I’m DENIED or COLLECTING Workers Comp?


 workers comp information


Q.  Can I still enroll if not yet a career employee?

A.  Absolutely.  All postal employees are eligible, ie:  CCA, PSE,  MHA, AND ALL CAREER EMPLOYEES.


 Q.  Is pregnancy covered under my disability insurance coverage?



Q.  Do I have to be in a hospital or confined to home to receive benefits?

A.  No


Q.  Can my policy be cancelled?

A.  You can never be cancelled except for non-payment.


Q.  Do I have to pay taxes on the disability income I receive?

A. No


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