letter carrier

Q.  Am I covered on or off the job?

A. Yes


Q.  Can I still enroll if not yet a career employee?

A.  Absolutely.  All postal employees are eligible, ie:  CCA, PSE,  MHA, AND ALL CAREER EMPLOYEES.


 Q.  When does My coverage start?

A.  When the first premium comes out of your paycheck, generally within 2 weeks.


Q.   Is pregnancy and complications due to pregnancy covered?

A.  Yes, but your coverage must already have started before you become pregnant.


Q.  Are Pre-existing conditions covered?

a.  Anything that is wrong with you now or within the last 12 months is considered pre-existing and will not be covered in the first 12 months of your coverage.  after that, all pre-existing conditions are covered.  


q.  can I use my coverage in the first 12 months?

A.  absolutely.  anything that is new (Not pre-existing), is covered during the first year.